Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Son is Allergic to Dust

Since March of this year, my 7 year old son has had irregularities with his breathing. To be honest, when I first noticed it, I thought he was faking. He had been going through a rough patch and it seemed like it might be another way to get my attention.

A few weeks later, my mother noticed his sporadic laboured breathing as well. So, finally, I took him to our family doctor. At the initial appointment, our doctor brushed it off as viral and said it would pass in time. A month later, and it hadn't gotten any worse, but certainly wasn't any better. Back to the doctor we went. At this point he took things a little more seriously and suggested a pulmonary function test and allergy testing. It would be up to 8 weeks until we got him into the clinic.

Since we weren't going to get any immediate action, we decided to try a dairy elimination trial for 2 weeks, as dairy is the number one culprit for respiratory issues among children. The trial went well, and improved the foul aroma of his gas, but did not improve his breathing...at all. I can also say that his behavior has improved recently as well. Is this connected to the dairy elimination? Possibly.

Finally today, 5 weeks after the second doctor's appointment, we got him into the allergy clinic. Turns out that he is allergic to dust and dust mites. Now, is this the culprit to his breathing troubles? Only time will tell. In the meantime, we have removed all, but one, stuffed animals from his room, taken any unnecessary blankets off his bed, removed a shelf, many books and a bunch of extra clutter. We will also invest in anti-allergy mattress cover and pillow cases.

When the doctor first gave my son the news, he got a little choked up, because he thought this meant getting rid of all of his stuffed animals.I have to say that I am incredibly proud of my son today. He sat through the testing of maybe 20 pin pricks and didn't even complain. He then sat still for 20 minutes and didn't scratch when the the dust spots started to irritate his skin. When we got home, he helped me with his room and even came up with toys, books and little trinkets that he wants to donate.

I had hoped that the testing would give us a very definitive answer on what has been going on with my son, but instead it feels more like we are starting another trial. We're still waiting for the pulmonary function test. To be continued...

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