Wednesday, January 25, 2017

One Proud Mama

Have you ever had a moment where you are just so incredibly proud of your children that the emotions you're having feel too big to contain? I experienced that tonight and as much as I tried to find the words to express this to my words felt like enough. 

We pitched a business idea, at an event like Shark Tank, as a family, and did not win. We worked so hard on the pitch and my kids were so genuinely thrilled to partake in the event...they were so confident in us and certain we would win. They sat patiently for an hour before our turn, and another half hour after our turn until the winner was announced.  They were so proud of themselves, and of me. When the winner was called, a lovely man making innovative water-buffalo mozzerella (yes, this is a thing) , and it wasn't us, my 4 year old instantly headed for the door. She was so disappointed. I think I was more disappointed for her than I was for me...but I've done some thinking and realize they learned a valuable lesson. Even when you try really hard, and do an incredible job at something, you don't always win. This doesn't mean that you give up though. So we will try, try again and pitch our idea again next month. 

I must also mention that my 4 year old did a little ad lib in our pitch and was clearly the star of the show. I was so proud of her thoughtful comments that I pushed back a proud tear that tried to sneak out. 

For now, I am going to continue feeling fiercely proud of my kids for all of their hard work and bravery...and then it's back to the drawing board for an improved idea!

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