Saturday, August 2, 2014

My Favourite Restaurant

For 22 years, I have had a favourite restaurant. At a quick glance, you might not be able to tell how awesome it is there, but as soon as your server greets you, something becomes quickly clear: You are in the presence of greatness.

It has changed in d├ęcor from when I first started going. In fact, it has shortened it's name in that time as well. It used to have all wooden furniture and a classic laundromat board on the wall for the business, The Missing Sock, that used to be downstairs. Now, and for many years actually, the downstairs in an extension of my favourite restaurant and the retro laundromat board is no longer there. So really, I can't complain about my favourite restaurant having more seating than it used to.

What do they serve at said restaurant, you ask? Beautiful salads, award winning, creative burgers wraps and so much more! For 22 years, with possibly 2-3 exceptions ever, I have been ordering The Original Pita Club and in 22 years, it hasn't changed a bit. It may sound like a simple dish, but let me tell you, it is absolutely perfect! Real roasted turkey, bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese and mayonnaise, all rolled up in a whole wheat wrap. I usually order their special potato wedges, but regular fries, sweet potato fries and side salads are an option as well. Mouth is watering...

22 years ago, I first stepped foot into this restaurant almost by chance, as my Mom and I were out for one of our great walks. We didn't know at the time that it would prove to be a restaurant we would go back to for years to come. Years later, I would eat there with my university boyfriend, while our laundry washed and dried downstairs. Now, married with 3 kids, we go as a family. It has become a meeting ground for my family and friends and I do not step into the city without eating there. I couldn't. I would feel like my visit was incomplete.

I must not forget to mention their staff. Although there has been some turnover of course, in the 22 years I have been going there, one thing remains as true now as it was then: their staff is excellent! They are genuinely friendly, patient and kind. Whoever does the hiring there does an incredible job on finding these talented people to join their team.

Another kind of neat fact about Darrell's is you never know who you might bump into when you eat there. It happens to be a favourite spot for Big Brother Canada Season 1, couple Emmett Blois and Jillian MacLaughlin. They even bring other cast members there when they visit.

So, now, the big finale!!! This perfect restaurant, aka Darrell's, and formerly known as My Other Brother Darrell's, can be found at 5576 Fenwick St., in Halifax, Nova Scotia. If you haven't been, make a point to go! Everything they serve is delicious, but promise me you'll start with The Original Pita Club. You will not regret it!

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