Monday, July 28, 2014

Student Loan Rant

Student loans...where to begin?

For my husband to go to university, he had to get student loans. He did a year of French Immersion, his Bachelor of Arts and his Bachelor of Education. He is now a permanent French teacher, which in Canada Student Loans minds means that he can afford to be in repayment of his loans. I understand that they want their money back, but can't they wait until he has been permanent at least a year before demanding payment? It took 5 years for him to get permanent. It took 5 years of supply teaching and working a second job to get permanent. It took a lot of patience and moving out of province for him to get permanent. We are in debt up to our eyeballs because of the journey it took to finally get here...and after all this hard work, we're going to be worse off financially than when he didn't have permanent because of his student loan. Ugh!

Why does university have to be so darn expensive?! The cost of university is ridiculous! We will be paying off his student loans for our entire adult lives. There is no end to them in the foreseeable future. There is something very wrong with this picture!

I, on the other hand, have very little student loans. I was fortunate to have my father pay for most of my education, but that said, I'm working for near minimum wage because there are very few decent jobs in the area we live in...which we moved to solely for my husband to get a permanent teaching job. Double ugh!

Feels like we just can't get ahead! I know we're not alone on this. What a mess of a system we live in. I'm so tempted to move somewhere in the deep North or far West just to get ahead financially.

So, just so we're clear...if we make more money, our student loan repayment increases by a lot, which means that we actually have even less money than we do now. So making more money would actually be a financial burden. Yup...that's right. Figure that one out!

End rant.

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