Thursday, September 5, 2013

1st Day of School

When you have your first child, every single person you encounter tells you how fast the time will pass and before you know it, they'll be starting school. Well, I'm here to tell you...they are right!

When my son started kindergarten, 2 years ago, I thought I would cry. I thought I would have such a hard time letting go of his tiny little hand and sending him off into the world. When we arrived at his classroom, he was so excited to finally start school, and so ready to be there in every way, I didn't cry. Instead, I was incredibly happy for him and proud of his enthusiasm and bravery. I guess I did something right with him. It was one of many proud moments I have had with him. This past week, he entered grade 2 with the same enthusiasm and bravery as when he started kindergarten. Love that kid.

Today, my daughter started kindergarten. She has wanted to go to school since her big brother started. She looks up to him and wants to do everything he does. I think she was most excited to have recess and eat lunch at school like he does. She's still so much of the time. I have to admit though, she's a bit of a diva, which is hilarious since I'm far from it. Last night after her bath she had me change her earrings (to match her backpack), paint her nails "patterned and sparkly", spray protector on her new pink boots, lay out her outfit, set her sequin backpack by the front door and check the weather to make sure she wore the right jacket. Who is this kid? I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of this is totally foreign to me. My husband says she's the girl I want to be, but shy away from it. He might be right. Lastly, before she went to sleep, she hollered out to me, "Don't forget, tonight you have to pack two lunches!" She loves that I'll be packing both her and her brother lunches now.

Again, like with my son, I didn't cry when I dropped her off this morning. Instead, I smiled and felt my heart warm. I'm so proud of my kids!

So now, it's just me and my 11 month old. I will miss my big kids so much, but at the same time, I'm so happy for them both. They need their own friends, their own time and space and own experiences. My daughter needs to make her own choices, instead of always choosing what her big brother does. I know they're both going to be great!

Now it's time to make plans for me and the little miss. I think she'll start with a nap and I might kick back and relax. This might be a first!

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