Monday, August 12, 2013

Do you listen to your inner voice?

When you come to a major crossroads in your life, how do you decide which route to take? Once you decide and things don't go your way, do you take the other route or rethink your approach?

My husband was offered a teaching position in another province. To make this move, we needed our house to sell so that we could make the move as a family. He also needed to obtain a teaching license for that province, which he seemingly had all of the criteria for. So the licensing was the least of our worries.

Today was our deadline for everything to come together. The house has not sold and he found out this morning that he needs two university science courses to be fully certified there, but can obtain a partial certification, putting him $7,000 lower on the pay scale. Is it just me, or does this plan no longer seem like it was meant to me?

I want to be a person who follows her instincts about things, but I have over thought this whole situation to the point where I can no longer hear my inner voice.

When we made the big decision to move to New Brunswick, we had a deadline to find a house. We signed the deal on our house on our deadline and my husband secured employment before we even moved. It felt so right.

I'm so confused. Outside advice would be so appreciated.

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