Monday, August 26, 2013

"Cool" VS Real

Which is more important to you? a) Having many acquaintances, but no true friends. OR b) Having one, or few, true friends? I will choose few true friends any day!

In junior high and highschool, I was obsessed with having tons of friends and I did. I was in the "cool" group, but always felt like an outsider and then there were my real friends. My real friends are the ones I have stayed in touch with, 14 years later. 

I wish that I could talk to all junior high and highschool kids and make sure they understood how being "cool" means absolutely nothing in the long run. I wish I could tell them not to ditch their real friends for the cool kids, because the cool kids won't ever have their back. 

After highschool, everything changes. You finally make friends with people you connect with and have things in common with. You realize, eventually, what is important and what isn't, but sometimes you still forget. 

Sometimes you still get sucked in by the "cool" people, who really aren't cool at all. Maybe they dress better, have a better job or married someone semi-successful. Maybe they stay in better shape, go on more dates or drive a nicer car, but I assure you, this is all surface stuff. Don't fall prey to their trap.

If there are people, even on your social media accounts, who aren't real friends, don't let them litter up your life. Be brave and cut loose the people who don't really matter. Don't keep them around to be polite. Surround yourself in people who are real.

Be friends with real people. Be friends with people who have your back. Be friends with people who are there to listen and know you're there too. These are the friends who will be in your life forever. These are the people who matter.

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