Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday's Rant

To make it in New Brunswick, you either need to know someone important who can get you a good job you don't necessarily deserve or you need to be a tradesperson. Otherwise, you have two choices: 1-pack up your things and move out West or 2-stay put and live just barely above the poverty line.

I have spent weeks now looking for a day job that would allow me to work opposite shifts from my husband, so that we can avoid the $1,500 a month daycare expense for our kids. Putting them in daycare is a last resort because most jobs around here won't even pay enough to cover the expense.

I have an education, but around here, I'm lucky if it earns me more than $11 an hour. My husband has his Bachelor of Education, but there aren't any teaching jobs available because existing teachers won't retire. A teacher's pension is based on their highest paid 5 years of service, so they stay on longer to increase their pension. Not only does this affect incoming teachers, but it also means that teachers are teaching past their expiry date, which can impact negatively on the children they teach. Ugh!

It's such a frustrating situation. I am ready, willing and more than capable to work, but what's the point if my pay won't cover daycare? Why would I work to have someone else raise my kids and still not come out on top financially anyway? What a crazy system we live in!

The Universal Childcare Benefit, in Canada, is issued to each family every month and this is meant to help pay for childcare. Why does this money not go directly into the daycares so that they can lower the cost to families?? Instead, people who don't need this money and don't even require childcare are getting $100 or more every month that could be much better spent. I have to be honest and say when that money gets direct deposited into my account, it likely gets used for groceries. I'm sure most families would report the same thing.

So, for now, I remain a stay-at-home-mom, unemployed, trying hard to pay the bills and looking for someone who wants to pay me to write.

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