Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rants from one fed-up Mama

I am a reasonably smart person. I'm not fantastic at anything, but I'm good at a lot of things. I have an education: a half decent one actually. I even graduated with honours from my last endeavor, but in the province I live in, I'm hard to employ.

French isn't my first language and it is barely my second language at this point. I may be qualified in every way that matters for the jobs I apply for, but since my French is rusty, I won't get the job. 

I read through all of the job ads daily and if I'm willing to work for minimum wage with a bunch of highschool kids, maybe, just maybe I can mop floors at the local pool. I didn't spend six years in university and one year in college to mop floors. Although, there are bills to pay.

None of this even matters anyway since daycare for my three kids would be over $1,500 a month. So I can't even take the mopping job because that won't even cover daycare expense.  

We live in a system that sets us up to fail. I talk to people my age daily who are in very similar situations. Many are struggling to pay the bills and are considering moving out of province to clear up their debt and finally, at age 30+, get their lives on a better financial track. 

Moving out West or to the deep North are the trends now. With the higher wages, free staff accommodations and airfare, it's cheaper to commute across the country to work than it is to work locally. What a joke. 

It's as if there are only two choices: 1)Work 24 hours a day and have no family life or 2)Be completely broke, but have a happy family. You shouldn't have to sacrifice your home life to pay the bills. You shouldn't have to work two jobs just to cover daycare.

We live in this beautiful province, that we chose as a good place to raise our kids, but we are ultimately being forced to leave. For a province that campaigns to keep their university grads working in their province, they sure don't make it easy for us to stay.

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  1. Published as Letter of the Day in the Moncton Times & Transcript on July 17, 2013