Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Love the "back to school" shopping!

It's only July 31st and I already want to head to the stores to buy all of my kids school supplies. I think part of it is because my daughter is starting kindergarten and I know she has been excited ever since her big brother started school, 2 years ago.

Buying school supplies also represents a new beginning to me. I was moved around, almost every year, growing up, but one thing never changed-the need for the big "back to school" shop. A new outfit, pens, pencils and a new backpack. I always loved that time with my Mom and now I get to experience it with my kids.

The only unfortunate part is the expense. You go around to the various stores, purchasing all of the necessary supplies and then on the first day of school, you have to send each child with even more money for things the teacher will be buying the class. Last year it cost me $35 for my son, but this year it will be $70 for both my son and daughter. I know it's not a lot spread out over the year, but it's a bitter pill after having just spent that much or more on everything else. You can't tell me that everyone can afford that expense...So, who pays for them?

On a happy note, my daughter picked a pink and orange jacket from Costco and a perfectly matched, and on sale, backpack from The Gap for school. She's the cutest little fashionista I've ever seen! She's nothing like me. Actually, I could stand to learn a thing or two from her.

Happy school supply shopping, everyone!

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