Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Finally, a clean house! But not for long...

Why is it that it takes visitors or showing my house to make it spotless?

I'm always complaining that our house is a mess. Laundry needs to be folding, dishes done, toys picked up and floors swept. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done...except when we have visitors coming or we're showing our house to potential buyers.

Our house is currently on the market and hasn't been this clean and tidy since we moved in 3 years ago. The laundry is folded and put away, the dishes are washed and in the cupboards and every single last toy is in its' place. I even considered, briefly, sleeping in the tent in our backyard overnight just to maintain this perfect house for one more day.

It's amazing how trying to sell your home motivates you to do things that you've been meaning to do for months. I finally sorted through bins in the basement that we haven't even opened since we moved in. I found things I forgot we had. There is something so satisfying about a de-cluttered house. I have sold 2 van loads of toys and donated another van load. I have thrown out broken things and faded receipts. I have reclaimed my house, which was long overdue.

The real question is: how long will it take my 3 little terrors to undo all of my good work? I give it 12 hours at most before you can't tell that I scrubbed the kitchen floors, swept and vaccuumed the whole house and meticulously found places for every displaced item.

I know some people live like this all of the time. Everything's clean and in its' place, but how do they have time to do anything else? If I never played with my kids ever again, maybe we could live like that, but I choose them. I won't ever regret playing with my kids "too much".

Oh well. It was nice while it lasted. Time to play!

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