Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dental Coverage Rant

Every month, a large chunk of money comes off my husband's pay so that our family of 5 can have medical coverage, but if the insurance company won't pay out on claims, what's the point?

Last week, a bonding came off one of my front teeth. I was lucky enough to get an appointment with the dentist for the following morning. Before I left home, I double checked our coverage to see that the little procedure would be covered and sure enough, it was, for 90%.

So, I had my tooth fixed, paid in full upfront and the watched as the receptionist submitted my claim electronically. Usually we would see the money within 2 days. Five days later, we received an automatic deposit from the insurance company for only 25% of what the fix had cost me. They said that I would need x-rays to prove that there had been "significant tooth loss" to have any additional portion covered. No x-rays had been taken prior to the fix and it was obviously too late for photographs. What a mess.

So now, at a time when I completely can't afford this expense, I'm out $300 and change. Why do we bother with insurance?!

That is all.

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