Wednesday, June 12, 2013

One Proud Mama

Yesterday, at Canada's Wonderland, my kids made me incredibly proud, but I realized just exactly how fast they are growing up.

My daughter is turning 5 this Friday and since she has a big brother, who is 7, she constantly wants to seem older and brave like him. She's always asking me things like, "What would Jonah do?" or "Can I do that when I'm Jonah's age?" It's sweet that she looks up to him like that, but makes me a little sad that she wants to grow up so quickly. She still seems like my baby girl so much of the time.

At Wonderland, Jonah was all geared up for the "grown-up" rides, because he finally meets the height requirements, but Lyla, of course, did not. So she gladly went on all of the awesome kid-friendly rides and made every moment count. While on a tugboat ride, that zipped around the "rough waters", she threw her arms up and screamed "weeeeee", as if she were on the biggest roller coaster of all. On the swings that go around in circles, she threw her arms up again and yelled, "Mommy, I'm being so brave!" That one little sentence brought a proud tear to my eye. Geez, I love that kid!

Jonah really surprised me too. He was clearly excited to be tall enough for every ride and kept eyeing all of the roller coasters, except the "loop de loop" ones, he told me. So, my brother and my husband took him. I expected him to be shaken up and over the whole idea after the first run. Was I ever wrong. He loved every single second and stayed on for a second ride. He's an extremely cautious child so much of the time. I know I've made him this way and sometimes, I think, to a fault. So, yesterday was a big deal...for both my kids.

Towards the end of the day, we walked past one last roller coaster and Lyla was actually just tall enough to go on. She hesitated but finally ran off to join the group on the final ride. She was having another brave moment. She had to close her eyes through the dark tunnel, but was extremely proud to go on the big ride like her big brother.

By this point, it was really time to go, but we let the kids play one final game. My son wanted to win a puppy dog, but didn't get enough points, so his choices were a giraffe or monkey. Instead of getting upset, he chose the giraffe and gave it to his baby sister, because she "needed a souvenir too". He wanted to win me something as well, but there wasn't enough time. He looked so upset, but I assured him that seeing him so happy was enough for me. Yet another proud mama moment.

Miss Olivia, my baby girl, will have to go there when she's older. She spent the day napping, but now I know she has two really brave, incredible siblings to show her the ropes.

We can learn a lot from children. They are often more brave, adventurous and giving than we are as adults. Although I'm a little sad that they're growing up way too fast, I'm incredibly proud to be their Mama.

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