Thursday, April 25, 2013

Homemade Baby Food vs Store Bought

If everyone knew how easy it is to make homemade baby food, jar food would be a thing of the past.

I have three children and with the first two I fed them baby food from a jar until they were old enough to eat "regular" food like the rest of us. I chose the healthiest options and felt like I was doing the best thing for my babies. At the time I didn't realize that all baby food is irradiated, to kill off any bacteria that may be present. I also didn't realize how incredibly simple, quick and cost effective it is to make your own food. 

With little preparation time, I can make huge batches of baby food for my daughter that will literally last for more than a week. For example, I peel and boil a pot of organic carrots, drain them, let them cool, mash them (or use food processor),add back a small amount of water they were cooked in, pour the batch into ice cube trays and freeze them. Once frozen, I pop them out and put them into a labelled baggy and put them back into the freezer. At meal time, I take out a cube (more as she gets older) and thaw it in a pot or Corningware and serve. Note: Do not heat baby food in a microwave as it heats food unevenly.

You don't have to be a stay at home Mom to make your baby's food. It's as quick as jar feeding, if you plan ahead, and it's healthier and less expensive. One large sweet potato is less expensive, and goes further, than a jar of sweet potato baby food. Time saving tip for sweet potatoes: wash well and then boil them with their skin on. Once they're cooked, the skin slides right off.

Making your own baby food is extremely gratifying. Knowing that you are giving your baby the best food you can and preparing it from scratch is so much nicer than scooping food from a jar and you will save money in the process!

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