Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston Tragedy

Since the tragic event at the Boston Marathon I can’t help but think of my own family. How many times have we been at the finish line when my husband has competed in a race? How many times have my kids stood there innocently cheering Daddy on?

When I learned that one of the 3 people who died, as a result of the bombs, was an 8 year old boy, just one year older than my son, the whole situation hit me on a much more person level. An innocent child died, while likely waiting for a friend or family member to cross that finish line. It should have been a joyous event and instead it became a horrific tragedy.

How can we have any piece of mind anymore in taking our children anywhere? They aren’t safe at school, in movie theatres and now at marathons. How can we have any piece of mind when there are people out there who will commit these unthinkable crimes?

I want to find the light in the darkness and focus on the incredible people who have come forward and helped in whatever way they could following this tragedy...but I find myself feeling very concerned for the future of the world my children live in. I find myself wondering what kind of person packs nails and random shrapnel into pressure cookers , with the obvious intent of killing innocent people, and then sets them off at the Boston Marathon. What went so wrong in their lives that they chose the dark side and not life?

My thoughts and prayers are with Boston, the families of the 3 people who passed away, the other 170 or more people who were injured and also all of the physically unharmed, but mentally scarred people who were present at the marathon. This event won’t soon be forgotten.

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