Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Feeding Baby

In just a few weeks, I will be having my third child. After taking my Natural Nutrition course, I feel significantly more prepared to nourish this child, but at the same time, I almost feel like I know too much.

I know too much about baby formula. It is all irradiated, leaving little to no nutritional value, not to mention that it has been exposed to radiation. In addition to this, most formulas are either cow's milk based or soy based...neither of which I would like to feed my child. Finally, there have been many cases of formula being recalled because of foreign substances, such as crushed glass, being found in batches. Why would I want to feed this kind of product to my child?!

Mother's breast milk is perfectly formulated for baby. It increases in supply when needed and changes in composition as needed. No baby is ever allergic to their mother's milk. They may be allergic to something the mother is consuming, but not the milk itself. Breast feeding may not always be the easiest route, but it's definitely the best. For those who are unable to breast feed, there are organic formulas available, that have a much higher standard of quality than most of what you see on the shelves.

I also know too much about baby food. All baby food, unless labeled as otherwise, has been irradiated as well. Again this means it has been exposed to radiation and possesses very little nutritional value. It has also been recalled on many occasions for containing foreign substances, such as crushed glass, etc. Baby rice cereals also contain heavy metals that are unnecessary. Some brands are now using iron filings. Get a strong magnet and test the theory. You will be disgusted.

In the case of baby food, there is no reason to purchase food in jars or cans for baby. Buy the fruit or vegetables, cook them and puree them. Voila! Baby food! You can even make a large batch and freeze it for convenience purposes. Some people use ice cube trays, etc. This is very easy, cost effective and much healthier for baby.

No one is perfect and we've all taken the easy way out on many occasions, but we shouldn't be lazy with the health of our children. Take the time. Do the research. Feed your child the best way you can.

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