Friday, August 3, 2012

Instead of Popsicles...

This summer has been a scorcher! I don't know about your kids, but mine have been asking constantly for popsicles and ice cream to help cool off. Instead of always turning to store bought popsicles, made of sugar, water and food colouring, why not try something a little more nutritious?!

Pick out your favourite smoothy ingredients, blend them together, pour them into a popsicle tray and a few hours later you have smoothy pops! So tasty and a much healthier option. Do your kids prefer ice cream over popsicles? Follow the same instructions, but instead of using a popsicle try, freeze single size servings in small tupperware containers and voila!

For our smoothy pops, we use orange juice (not from concentrate), mixed berries, plain Greek yogurt (for protein) and a banana. I also tend to sneak in a little ground flaxseed for an omega boost.

Have fun with this! The possibilities are endless!

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