Friday, August 3, 2012

Healthy Snacks-Kid Approved

Without fail, everyday I'm getting supper ready, my kids are pulling at my pant leg saying, "Mommy, I'm hungry. Mommy, I want a snack. Mommy, what's for dinner?" Instead of  relating "snack" to something full of sugar or highly refined, why not try one of these ideas?

-Fruit Kabobs (Wash and cut up fruit. Hand it over to the kids with a few skewers and let the creating begin!)
-Homemade trail mix (Feel free to be creative! We use sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, cranberries, raisins and whatever else we have for nuts/seeds/dry fruit at the time)
-Hummus and veggies
-Homemade date bars (This can be as easy as pitted dates, seeds, nuts and ground flax-Healthy and delicious! I often serve them as dessert to company and add a tablespoon of organic cocoa-delicious!)
-Unsweetened peanut butter on celery with raisins (aka "Ants on a log")
-Unsweetened peanut butter on celery and a couple of pretzels (Stick the pretzels in the peanut butter and use them like wings. Makes a cute butterfly/dragonfly snack!)
-Smoothy pops (Blend together your favourite smoothy ingredients and freeze in a popsicle tray)
-Cucumber/Carrot bites (Use an apple corer to punch out a hole in your cucumber slice and insert a slice of carrot. Dip in a little homemade dressing or hummus-so good-and looks great!)
-Apple slices and unsweetened peanut butter
-Grapes (Wash grapes, grab some toothpicks and pass them over to your future architect to create a masterpiece! They'll love the activity and it'll keep them busy while you make supper!)

The possibilities are endless. Have fun inventing healthy snacks with your family and help start your kids off on the road to nutritional success!

For recipes or more complete directions, feel free to contact me!

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