Thursday, August 23, 2012

Grad Speech: The Importance of Zinc

The Importance of Zinc
Ode to the Students and Teachers of the Grad Class of Twenty Twelve

We showed up Day 1,  
On the day of orientation.
I looked all around me
And saw great anticipation.

As we started the year
it became easy to see
just how much fun
this "nutrition" could be.

Our teachers brought knowledge,
experience too,
and my fellow students...
I'll get to you.

One teacher, a superhero
would tell us her rhymes.
Hollie gave us great notes,
and much of her time.

Next, from Great Britain,
a writer named Jane.
Her teaching and clever "hints"
helped us stay in the game.

Judy ran the school smoothly
Like a good dose of fibre
She would always make time
For us to run ideas by her.

Martin, oh Martin,
you sure know your stuff,
but keeping a straight face
when you say sphincters is tough.

The thought of taking chemistry
Made me feel queasy,
But with Rebecca as teacher
It was actually easy.

Joanne taught us how
to live well through the years
Through activity, community
and avoiding the beers.

With Alyson GMOs were hotly debated
Who knew it would turn out
We are actually related!

Jen came on board late
But she completed her mission
And now we can help athletes
improve their nutrition.

And last but not least
was a free spirit named Lise.
She's a great cook you’ve discovered
and easy to please.

Now, my fellow graduates,
let's talk about you.
Youth before wisdom?
Don't mind if I do.

First, there’s Larissa.

Not enough can be said
About how she remembers
Everything that shes read.

Next up is Meghan
My unique little roomie
She helped me calm down
When my kids made me looney.

Thank you to Laura
my friendly competitor
It is because of you
that we are valedictorians together.

Quiet confidence is Natalie.
Leah dresses the best.
The one with the dreadlocks
that's good ole Janice.

Melanie's always sleepy,
Laura V is the chef,
Crystal juggles so many things,
Did she ever rest?

Amongst this diverse group of women,
I didn’t see the link,
Until our friendship was stimulated
By discussions of zinc.

To the grads of twenty twelve,
I say congratulations.
It is up to us now
To provide nutritional inspiration.

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