Thursday, July 26, 2012

Adoption and Infertility Struggles

Something I have always struggled with is why good, caring and honest people have such struggles when trying to adopt. I have seen more happy, stable couples work within the adoption system over many years and still not ended up without a child to add to their loving family. In addition to this fact, many children are never adopted and have no choice but to spend their childhood in and out of foster care and group homes.

Why is it that some of the very best people I know struggle with infertility, constant miscarriages and premature delivery? Why can so many people, ill-equipped to care for a child, get pregnant by "accident" and bring a child into this world that they didn't even want?

If adopting is so extensive and complex, why then is it so simple to bring children into this world "naturally"? Why don't all potential parents undergo the same scrutiny? I know many couples, and individuals, who would never be permitted to adopt, yet they have 2 or more biological children. Why weren't they given physicals, extensive questionaires, home inspections, etc?

I would love other people's insight on this topic!

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